BBO Extractor

Release Notes

BBO Extractor Version 1.3.1 - 25th June 2020

This release speeds up the extraction process. When the extractor is updated in the browser, you will be asked to allow new permissions.

BBOtoXML webapp version 1.2.5 - 23rd June 2020

This release adds several new features:

  1. Contract/Score editing, which means it is no longer necessary to import the XML file produced by BBOtoXML into a scoring program, if the only reason for doing so is to correct scores
  2. It's now possible to generate a list of "missing names", i.e. bbonames who played in the event, but for which no match was found in the names file
  3. It's also possible to generate a list of "missing NBO IDs", i.e. bbonames who played in the event, and had a matching player name, but had no NBO Player ID in the names file
  4. List of identified substitutions. Almost all cases where substitutions occur are now detected and resolved automatically. BBOtoXML can show a "substitutions table" which lists, for each pair number where substitution occurred, all the pair names identified as corresponding to that pair number

See BBOtoXML Web App for details.

BBOtoXML webapp version 1.2.4 - 22nd June 2020

The Masterpoint area has been redesigned to support not just EBU but also some other bridge unions. EBU, ACBL and SBU (Scotland) master points are now supported, work is still in progress to complete the masterpoints for the other bridge unions.

BBO Extractor Version 1.2.8 - 7th June 2020


  1. Bug fix in Team support for matches between 2 Teams of Four. When a tournament page is retrieved via a hand record search, rather than via the BBO tournament history, it has an additional parameter of the form "u=bboname", where bboname is the username of a player. If that particular player played East/West in the match, then the polarity of the results on the tournament page is shown reversed, but BBO Extractor did not take account of this. The issue has been corrected in the new release.
  2. Allocated NS and EW pair numbers now fall into two non-overlapping ranges. Previously they could be interspersed in the case of a multi-section event, and this situation could not be handled correctly by EBUScore if the event was imported.
  3. More cases where substitutions occur, or where a robot pair is used, are now resolved automatically (i.e. the pair number is allocated automatically, rather than requiring the CSV to be edited to resolve pair numbers with a "Sub" prefix)
  4. Conversion from bbonames to player names now includes substituting the player names in the BBO play data, so that they will be displayed in the top left of the Bridge Solver Online display (when clicking on a "Play" link in the last column of a Bridgewebs traveller).

BBO Extractor Version 1.2.6 and
BBOtoXML webapp Version 1.2.3 - 3rd June 2020

The latest releases of BBO Extractor (v1.2.6) and BBOtoXML (v1.2.3) now support extraction and conversion to XML for BBO matches of two Teams of Four.

BBO Extractor Version 1.2.4-1.2.5 - 19 May 2020

The latest release of BBO Extractor now completes the extraction process much faster for large events. Previously, it used to obtain the detailed results by scanning player scorecards. The new release is optimised to minimise the number of BBO retrievals required, by scanning either scorecards or travellers depending on the relative number of pairs and boards. For example, for a 24 board event with fewer than 12 tables it is more efficient to scan scorecards, but for a larger number of tables it is quicker to scan travellers. This means that extracting the results for an event with 90 tables will take no longer than for an event with 12 tables, assuming a 24 board event in both cases.

This improvement is implemented in BBO Extractor v1.2.4 onward (now v1.2.5). Your chrome browser will normally update automatically if you close all browser windows and re-open it.

We have also updated the website. In particular it now contains more detail about uploading to Bridgewebs. This procedure has been a source of confusion to some clubs, who have uploaded the XML file produced by BBOtoXML, but at the same time have attempted to utilise the "BBO Online" tab in Bridgewebs results admin to link to a BBO version of the results. Doing the latter overrides some of the data uploaded via the XML route, with unpredictable effects on the Bridgewebs results display. Hopefully, this will be fixed in BridgeWebs soon, but please make others, who may not be on our contacts list, aware of this issue and of the aforementioned link.

With the recent enhancements we believe that BBO Extractor/BBOtoXML is now the best solution for getting detailed results from a BBO tournament onto a club website:

  1. Completely browser based, so runs on PC or Mac (using google chrome, or any browser that supports chrome extensions, e.g latest downloadable version of Microsoft Edge). Can even run on android phone/tablet using Yandex browser.
  2. Choice of Neuberg scoring, or matching BBO Results (which do not use Neuberg)
  3. Optimises extraction speed depending on relative number of tables and pairs in a tournament.
  4. When uploaded to BridgeWebs, displays a "play" link for each row of the Bridgewebs traveller, allowing bidding/play of the hand at any table to be reviewed/replayed/explored with double dummy card by card guidance.

BBOtoXML webapp Version 1.2.0 - 15 May 2020
  1. It is now possible to perform the BBO names to player names conversion in this app, rather than in BBO Extractor. Use the "Load Names" button to import the names prior to clicking on "Create XML...".

  2. The previous version of the app presented the results as calculated by BBO. However, BBO does not apply the Neuberg formula, which is generally used with electronic scoring. Therefore, we have introduced the option to enable Neuberg scoring. For compatibility with the previous app version, the default setting when the new app is initially loaded is still "Scoring Matches BBO", but if "Enhanced Scoring (Neuberg)" is selected it will become the new default for subsequent sessions unless deselected again. Selecting Neuberg scoring may of course affect pair ranking order in some cases, such that it is different to the order shown on BBO's own results pages.