BBO Extractor

Extracting Results from BBO

After a session has completed, you need to wait for the results/ travellers /scorecards to become available for extraction. Navigate to the tournament page in order to start BBO Extractor.

You can do this by following the HAND RECORDS on the top-middle of BBO pre-logon screen. Login there and get the scorecard of anybody that played in the session, like here:

If the scorecards are there, click on the link to the tournament near the top of the page.

This will take you to the tournament results page like here.
Note that you have to see the tournament page displayed in the browser window and not in the pop-up window which is displayed immediately after the tournament has finished.
Start the Extractor by clicking on the icon in the header.

The icon will turn yellow and the message "BBO Extractor Running" will be displayed. The extractor will retrieve a scorecard or a traveller every 3 seconds (to avoid loading BBO). If a retrieval produces an error response it is automatically retried. For a typically sized tournament, the process will run for a minute or two. The extraction is optimised to minimise the load on BBO and minimise the extraction time.

If you want to abandon the extraction before it has finished, click on the yellow BBX icon again.

When the extraction has finished the following message is displayed.

...and this is followed by

...and then...

At the bottom of the browser page you will see something like this

This shows the two files created by the BBO Extractor in the Download folder. One is the csv file and the other one the pbn file.

The PBN file downloaded from BBO has makeable contracts table and optimum scores and is ready for upload to the club website without any further processing.

You need to start the BBOtoXML webapp now to convert the csv file to an xml file.