BridgePal Scoring System

WiFi Network Setup

The router does not need to be connected to the internet in order for the system to function. Any SSID may be chosen for the wireless network. Try and choose the wireless channel to minimise overlap with any other wireless networks in the vicinity.

Because there is no domain name server in the network the PC should be assigned a fixed numeric tcp/ip address within the router's address range so that the scoring units can find it. This link describes the various options for achieving this. Although not absolutely essential, fixing the address will avoid the hassle of re-running the configuration procedure at the start of each bridge club session. In summary, some routers can be configured to allocate a specific ip address for a particular connected device - in this case the PC will always receive the same address when it connects to the router, even though its wifi adapter parameters are set for dynamic allocation. If the router does not support this, a static address can be set up on the PC itself as described here.

Routers will generally support the ability to configure a range of addresses for dynamic allocation to connected devices. This avoids the need to explicitly configure a different ip address for each smartphone or tablet. However, fixed addresses may be allocated if preferred, providing they are in the network address range, do not clash with any range that the router reserves for dynamic allocation, and do not clash with the router or PC ip addresses.