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Support / Re: Tablet jumps out of Bridgepal program
« Last post by JohnB on Today at 09:32:03 »
Hi John

The Android version is 4.1.1. Is this likely to be significant?

Support / Re: Tablet jumps out of Bridgepal program
« Last post by JohnB on Today at 01:36:28 »
Hi John

Just when screen is touched

It happens with all 6 Sumvision tablets

The frequency is variable

No message

Latest versions of all software

They have been connected to the internet and the Bridgepal app is the latest version.

Could I have an old version of the PC software to see if they behave with that?

We would like to use the Sumvisions at the golf club with the program in its simplest form.


Support / Re: Tablet jumps out of Bridgepal program
« Last post by johng on October 19, 2018, 20:44:55 »
I can't think of any reason why this should have started to occur, but have a few questions.

1. Does it only happen when you touch the screen, or does it sometimes occur when nothing is going on ?
2. Have you tried all the Sumvision tablets and does the problem occur on all of them ?
3. Does it occur in the same way on all the Sumvision tablets, or are some worse than others (i.e. more frequent app crashes)?
4. Do you get a message on screen when the BridgePal app closes ?
5. Which version of the BridgePal app are you running. Is it the same version as on the Lenovo devices ? Has the BridgePal app been updated on the Sumvision tablets since you uses them last year ?
6. Have the Sumvision tablets been connected to internet since they were used last year ? (i.e. could they have received any updates of apps or system software)

Can I also ask which version of BridgePal Server you are using ? (but note, this should not cause a problem, because older versions of the BridgePal app are compatible with later version of BridgePal Server).
Release Infomation / BridgePal Server 1.5.3
« Last post by Mirna on October 19, 2018, 20:44:34 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 1.5.3. You can install BridgePal Server from the Upgrade menu of BridgeScore. Alternatively, you can download and install v1.5.3 from the BridgePal website. Note that BridgePal Server v1.5.3 requires BridgeScore 3.1.1 or later.

Maintenance release:
  • Always display next seating instructions at the end of a round.
Release Infomation / BridgeScore Release 3.1.0-3.1.1
« Last post by Mirna on October 19, 2018, 20:35:10 »
There is a new release of BridgeScore, v3.1.0-3.1.1, available for download from BridgeScore website. If you are on v2.9.22 or later, install the new release via the Upgrade menu on the front screen of BridgeScore. Otherwise to install the release go to Download Software page on the website and then do upgrade.
PLEASE NOTE - There is a BridgePal server dependency - you must upgrade to the latest release of BridgePal server, v1.5.3

Maintenance release - minor corrections and enhancements:
  • Provide an option not to print movement instructions on the table cards - this is useful when not true Howell.
  • Provide an option not to print sharing board details on the table cards - this is useful when using multiple sets so sharing is not needed.
  • Comply to the latest release of Bridgemate software, BCS 3.6.10, Server Firmware 3.0.1d, Bridgemate II firmware 3.0.1
  • Show cross IMPs on Bridgemates for cross imp pairs.

Support / Tablet jumps out of Bridgepal program
« Last post by JohnB on October 19, 2018, 20:16:15 »
We have used Bridgescore/Bridgepal very successfully for some time. However I now have a problem. We use Lenovo 7 inch tablets and these are completely trouble-free. However we also have some older Sumvision Voyager 7 inch tablets which really now operate only as backup devices. However it appears that these no longer behave with Bridgepal. Bridgepal can be opened but there is a high probability that the program closes for no apparent reason; when it is opened again there is again a high probabilty of it closing, either immediately or after few operations. This does not happen with the Lenovos. Because we have not used the Sumvisions for some time it is only now that the problem has arisen. When used perhaps a year ago they were fine. Any ideas?
General Discussion / Re: internet interferences
« Last post by johng on October 19, 2018, 14:21:42 »
Do you mean there is another wifi router close by ? If so, have any of your phones ever been connected to that router (by tapping on the network name in the wireless settings and inputting a password for the other router). If they have then it is possible that they will subsequently connect automatically to that router in preference to the Belkin router if the other router has a stronger signal. In that case you would have to tell the phones to "forget" the other network (usually via a long press on the network name and select "forget" from the menu that pops up).

If they have never been connected to the other router, but you can't connect successfully to the Belkin then I suppose it is possible that the other router is swamping the signal, though I haven't experienced this situation myself. Most routers have a "wifi channel" setting which can be altered if you log in to the router's administration pages. You could try changing this to a different channel to see if this helps - the procedure for this depends on the specific model of router you have, but you should be able to find a user guide for your model on internet.

Does the problem depend on how far the phone is from the Belkin router. Does it connect if you are standing next to it and then lose connection as you move away ?

I can't advise on specific routers, as newer models are appearing all the time. You may be able some information on the forum about the hardware various clubs are using. Most modern wifi routers should be fine for the job.
General Discussion / Re: internet interferences
« Last post by eros on October 19, 2018, 13:11:40 »
thank you, Reg!
I am going to try what you have suggested.....and I'll let you know.

Last question (probably for Mirna & John): is Belkin a good router (for BridgePal) or is there a better one?

Thanking you all!
General Discussion / Re: internet interferences
« Last post by Reg Hull on October 19, 2018, 12:52:42 »
Sounds frustrating. Not sure what is going on and I am no expert on routers. However, as you probably know that by "locking" all the phones and laptop into the router you have created your own unique environment. I have been running a similar set up to your over 2 years and never experienced this. I can only think that the router signal is being blocked by something.

Would suggest the following:-
1) Set it up somewhere other than the hall you are using it  e.g. At Home and see if it works ok then. If Not, then I wonder if it's the router? If Yes then I think it's the hall you are in.

2) Try positioning the router, elsewhere and if you can get it up higher than present this may help.

General Discussion / internet interferences
« Last post by eros on October 19, 2018, 11:14:58 »
Hi .... I am a WBU Director; I use the BridgePal scoring system, with Alcatel Pixi 4 and a Belkin router.
I have problems with router - iphones Wifi connection if next to where we are playing there is a strong internet connection, whereby the router cannot connect with one or more phones!
What can I do, please?
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