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Release Infomation / BridgePal Server Release 1.4.10
« Last post by johng on February 16, 2018, 16:12:45 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 1.4.10. You can install BridgePal Server from the Upgrade menu of BridgeScore. Alternatively, you can download and install v1.4.10 from the BridgePal website. Please note that if you upgrade to this version of BridgePal Server it is essential that you also upgrade BridgeScore to v3.0.4

The list of enhancements is given below:
  • Optimum Contract/Score is displayed on hand record screen on BridgePal if present in the PBN File

  • Can now input national bridge union number (e.g. EBU number) to identify a player, as an alternative to player id if required

  • The "Play" button on the BridgePal hand diagram screen now launches Bridge Solver in the contract that was played at this table (to show effect of the various possible opening leads)

Release Infomation / BridgeScore Release 3.0.4
« Last post by Mirna on February 16, 2018, 16:02:43 »
There is a new release of BridgeScore, v3.0.4, available for download from BridgeScore website. If you are on v2.9.22 or later, install the new release via the Upgrade menu on the front screen of BridgeScore. Otherwise to install the release go to Download Software page on the website and then do upgrade.
Please note that if you upgrade to this release you must upgrade to the release 1.4.10 of BridgePal Server.

Enhancements in this release:
  • Added support for New Zealand.
  • BridgeScore now works in different locales -
    o Support for non-UK data formats - In decimal numbers convert comma to decimal point.
    o Allow non-english characters in the event and player names.
  • Can now use national bridge union number (e.g. EBU number) as well as Player ID to enter names on BridgePal.
  • Added Optimum Score to Hand display on BridgePal.
  • Arrow switch for BridgePal on round 1 now enabled.
  • On Names Edit screen changed button text for EBU to 'all db' and 'member db' (instead of 'from EBU db' and 'from EBU file'.
  • Now "Printed by BridgeScore/BridgePal wireless scoring system" at the bottom of a table card.
  • Added movement 4 tables 24 boards 8 rounds 3 boards per round Howell 040824EHS
  • Added movement 4 tables 24 boards 6 rounds 3/4 Howell ACBL Special.
  • Added new movement 4 tables 24 boards 6 rounds 4 boards per round Multiplex 1993 8P-6R SPECIAL.
  • Added new movement 4 tables 24 boards 6 rounds 4 boards per round 3/4 Howell T2 NS3 Mod T3 (modified version of 4 tables 24 boards 6 rounds 3/4 Howell T2 NS3)
  • Added more web mitchell movements - supplied by Reg Hull.
My IT son tells me that the routers provided by ISPs - BT etc are not really designed to do the job required. They are set up in such a way that they work optimally with a small number of wifi connections as you would have in a domestic situation.

Generic routers on the other hand are capable of handling lots of connections.

We had problems with BT routers several years ago and since switching to a cheap generic router have had no further problems.
BridgePal Router / Re: Running a Bridge Session without a Router
« Last post by Reg Hull on January 28, 2018, 18:27:28 »
Why indeed.
Always amazes me that Microsoft know what's best for us. Surely can't have  caused them a problem to leave it in, just like lots of other things they hav removed over the years.
Looks like I will be sticking to my trusty router.
Thanks for the article, very interesting.

Support / Re: Is there sufficient on-screen information to press the 'Accept'?
« Last post by Reg Hull on January 28, 2018, 18:13:22 »
We have never had a problem.
When EW arrive at the table NS check they have the correct pair. in cases where North has moved on from the screen displaying pair numbers and names, the correct pairing can be verified by checking the display at the top.
If one EW pair is on the wrong place than so is another so the chances are close to zero. Finally if an error in seating has occurred this can be corrected during the evening.
Personally I think it would be too much information.
Why do you need to confirm something that has already been agreed?
The way I look at this is that this is not trying to replicate a paper traveller, it is providing an efficient method of recording and scoring.
In a year of use, averaging over 7 tables, this has never happened. Also I am in touch with other clubs who use BridgePal and they have never had this issue.
Once the accept button is presses and you go into the traveller screen, then pair numbers are displayed. This fulfils your requirements, because at this stage the pair numbers are displayed. So why have it on the previous page?
I for one would vote against this development.

BridgePal Router / Re: Running a Bridge Session without a Router
« Last post by Simon H on January 27, 2018, 17:18:39 »
Curiously Microsoft has deprecated this feature from Windows10, presumably in favour of its own ‘hotspot’ feature (but maximum 8 devices – and requires Internet access – why?). Ironically, the embedded wireless card probably still supports hosted networks, but since it was deprecated by Microsoft, it has been removed from Windows10 drivers by wireless card vendors. It may be possible to find, download and install previous versions of the driver (e.g. Windows8) to restore this functionality - but this is beyond the scope of my article.
Support / Re: Is there sufficient on-screen information to press the 'Accept'?
« Last post by johng on January 25, 2018, 17:50:14 »
I don't agree. East/West can certainly vouch for the result based on the information shown because the Accept screen displays the table number, the board number, the contract and result. EW should know the table number they are seated at and the board number that they have just played. They need no other information in order to be able to vouch for the result. If they are inadvertently seated at the wrong table then, of course, they should not have played the board against this particular NS. However, both NS and EW should have checked at the start of the round that they are in the correct place - it's too late after the board has been played, they have already created a major problem for the director.

Paper travellers are a different matter because NS can fill in the pair number information on the traveller incorrectly, and therefore it's important that EW check it. When entering results via BridgePal the NS and EW pair numbers are filled in by the system, not by NS, thus eliminating the possibility of human error and the need for EW to check. Nevertheless, if they are still concerned they can look at the traveller screen which appears immediately after they have tapped the ACCEPT button. The traveller screen does show the NS and EW pair numbers for all tables that have played that board. It also features an ERROR button, so it's possible to go back and make a correction to the contract or result if an error is detected at that stage.
Support / Re: Is there sufficient on-screen information to press the 'Accept'?
« Last post by Gravitino on January 25, 2018, 17:12:05 »
The issue is not about whether North has checked the identity of the opponents arriving at the table.  It's about whether East/West, when confronted with the screen containing the 'Accept' button, have enough information in front of them on the screen to satisfy themselves that they can fully vouch for this result.

When confronted with the result recorded by North on a paper traveller, E-W will see their pair number and N-S's pair number on the same line as the result.  One club near here even requires E-W to sign the line to show that they accept every data field in that line.  By doing so, E-W is stating something to the effect that: "I am a member of pair two, and this is the result we have just scored on board eight against N-S five."

I don't think it right that the screen presented to E-W when they are required to press the 'Accept' button should contain less information than a paper traveller.  It is not up to E-W to vouch for the competence of North or whether the software works properly -- it is a matter of E-W confirming that on the 'Accept' screen, the only screen which they might have been shown up to that point, all the data presented on the screen is 100% accurate and is unambiguous in that it cannot be about any other board or any other pairing.
Support / Re: Is there sufficient on-screen information to press the 'Accept'?
« Last post by johng on January 24, 2018, 17:26:28 »
I don't see the logic behind this request. The NS and EW pair numbers are displayed at the beginning of the round, together with player names, so that North can check that the correct players have arrived at the table. The NS and EW pair numbers are also displayed in the title bar of the contract entry screen, and on the title bar of the traveller screen after the contract has been accepted (and in the line on the traveller screen which is highlighted in pink). It isn't possible for the ACCEPT screen to be showing the contract/result for the wrong pair unless EW have sat at the wrong table (in which case they have already messed up the session by playing the boards for this round against the wrong NS pair, whether or not they accept the result !). It's up to NS and EW to make sure they have the expected opponents at the start of the round.
Support / Is there sufficient on-screen information to press the 'Accept'?
« Last post by Gravitino on January 24, 2018, 16:41:06 »
When the opponent is asked to accept the score, he is presented with a screen that tells him the Round, the Table Number, the Board, the Vulnerability, the Contract, the Tricks, and the Score.

What it doesn't say -- which a paper traveller would say -- is the pair numbers of both E-W and N-S.

I grant you that after they press 'Accept', this missing information will be revealed. But I don't believe it is fair to ask E-W to accept the result before they can be sure that the result applies specifically to them and their opponents.

Can this please be fixed?

This week at our table, we had a stroppy opponent who complained about this, and they seem to have a point.
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