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General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by Red_Kite on May 11, 2018, 10:49:04 »
Hi Roger,
I gave up with Kindle as they really need a replacement OS on them to function correctly. We are currently using WordPad 7inch tablets (30 each brand new) and Alcatel Pixi4 phones (usually around the same money) without any problems at all. Herbie Rowley is using WordPad tablets at Cardigan if you want more information.

Release Infomation / BridgePal App Release 1.5.5
« Last post by johng on May 10, 2018, 14:27:59 »
There is a new release of the BridgePal app on the google play store. This is designated v1.5.5 and is for android devices running android 3.0 or later. The corresponding new release for old devices (pre-android 3.0) is 1.5.2h. If the BridgePal unit is updated from the play store you will automatically receive the correct version. If the device does not have play store access (e.g. Kindle Fire running FireOS) then the app can be downloaded from the BridgePal website (see link in section on "Scoring Unit Setup").

The purpose of this release is to consolidate all current and future director functions (e.g "Reset Table" and "Replace Failed Unit") under a single menu entry, unsurprisingly called "Director Functions". These menu modifications will only be visible while connected to a BridgeScore session that is running with BridgePal Server 1.5.0 or later. If you do not upgrade BridgePal Server then the BridgePal app will still display separate menu entries for "Reset Table" and "Replace Failed Unit" and will not show a "Director Functions" menu entry. Conversely, if you you upgrade to BridgePal Server 1.5.0 but do not upgrade the BridgePal app then the "Reset Table" and "Replace Failed Unit" functions will still work but will request input of the Director PIN.

However, if you wish to be able to use the new "Change Score" director function described in the BridgePal Server 1.5.0 release note you must upgrade the BridgePal app to the new release as well as BridgePal Server.

Note that the Director Functions menu displayed on the BridgePal only shows the options available at the current point in the session. For example, "Replace Failed Unit" is only shown if this BridgePal is at the "Start" screen.

Release Infomation / BridgePal Server Release 1.5.0
« Last post by johng on May 10, 2018, 13:57:59 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 1.5.0. You can install BridgePal Server from the Upgrade menu of BridgeScore. Alternatively, you can download and install v1.5.0 from the BridgePal website. Note that BridgePal Server v1.5.0 requires BridgeScore 3.0.4 or later.

The enhancements in this release:

- BridgePal functions which should be authorised by a director now require a PIN to be entered. This includes "Reset Table", "Replace Failed Unit", and "Acquire Table" (used when a table number has been wrongly entered at a different table). The default PIN is "0000" but can be changed to any other numeric value between 1 and 4 digits via a new PIN menu in the BridgePal Server application (normally minimised, click on the diamond icon in the Windows task bar). It is not necessary to know the current PIN in order to set a new value.

- There is a new "Change Score" director function which allows the contract and score to be corrected for a board played in an earlier round. This function is only available on the BridgePal scoring units if they have been upgraded to the 1.5.5 release (1.5.2h for any units running android versions older than 3.0)

- a new "Names" button on the BridgePal display shown at the start of each round enables player numbers to be input or corrected at the start of any round in the session.

- Player numbers of the E/W pair at a N/S sitout table can now be entered at the start of the session if a BridgePal is available at the sitout table.

- The button order on the "Enter Contract" screen, when entering a lead card, has been changed to follow a logical progression "AKQJ 10987..." (was previously "AKQJ 1234..."). Peter Whitehead of Craven Arms bridge club provided the code for this change.

- A message is now logged to a new log file (C:/Apache24/htdocs/error_logs/validation.log) if a BridgePal user ignores a validation warning on the traveller screen (i.e. leaves the traveller screen without changing the contract/score). This is to make it straightforward to identify any habitual offenders  :-) . A message is also logged in this file if the "Error" button on the traveller screen is used to initiate a score correction.

Club Tips / Re: Craven Arms Bridge Club - Our BridgePal story...
« Last post by Mirna on May 08, 2018, 13:31:17 »
Thank you for this, very useful. We have now installed Caffeine on our  BridgePals, and Alcatel Pixi 4s now last for at least two sessions , instead of one with the 5screen continuously on. We set 30 sec timeout before the screen dims. Also Alcatel POP 4s last even longer, haven't fully measured it yet. They lasted for 3 sessions before with  the screen continuously on, but now they last much longer.
General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by on May 01, 2018, 18:44:36 »
Well, I've been through all the settings available - it seems very cutdown.  And there sure as hell isn't a gearwheel!
Tried both versions of the app with no joy; I'll try to pillage a newer Kindle.
General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by johng on May 01, 2018, 17:23:50 »
This page lists your model D026 and the adjacent text says "Tap Gear icon to view Settings", though doesn't say where the gear icon is displayed

I don't know whether the later version of the BridgePal app will work on your Kindle (probably not) but in any case won't provide any benefit on that device. The earlier version contains the functionality to receive bridgepal broadcast messages, so you can still try out the procedure I suggested.

I really can't say whether you are on a hiding to nothing. I would have thought it should work, but I've no experience with that particular device.
General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue - update
« Last post by on May 01, 2018, 17:07:32 »
This could be a Kindle issue.

The interface is different (no gearwheel) and no "advanced option" that I can find that lets me dictate IP.

It's an early FIRE (D026) - do you think I am on a hiding to nothing with this?
I've tried both the app downloads but surely the later one won't work anyway :-) ?
General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by johng on May 01, 2018, 15:09:47 »
If it's like my kindle you get at the wifi settings as follows:

1. Swipe down from notification bar from the top of the screen.
2. Tap on the gear wheel icon near the top right of the screen, then on Wireless, then on Wifi
3. Find the name of your wifi network in the list, do a long press on that name and select "Modify Network"
4. Tap on "Advanced Options", which will enable you to alter the IP settings, e.g. switch between DHCP and static address allocation

I feel sure your error message is being returned by the router and not by the kindle. By default, BridgePal is set up to access the PC at address If your router address is in the range it probably interprets a request to address as being on internet. Since there is no internet connection it's possible that it helpfully returns the message that you are seeing. If everything is working correctly then bridgepalBroadcast.exe on the PC should autoconfigure the BridgePal with the correct address of the PC, assuming that it is running. It is started automatically when you start BridgeScore providing that BridgeScore has been configured to use BridgePal Wireless scoring but you can start it manually by going into the C:/Apache24 folder and double clicking on the .exe file.

You can check whether these broadcast messages are being received by using the "Find BridgePal Server" menu option in the BridgePal app. Watch the screen for 20 seconds. At some point during this 20 seconds you should either see a message reporting the ip address of the PC, or you should see a message saying that nothing was received from the PC.

If you are receiving broadcast messages, try tapping on "Select BridgePal Server" from the app menu and tap on the one labelled BridgePal (normally that will be the only one in the list).

Other things you could check:

- Are the ip addresses of the Kindle, the router, and the BridgePal PC all on the same subnet ? (normally or
- If Kindle is set to use DHCP address allocation then access the wireless settings as described above and try setting a static address instead in the correct range, and put the router address in the Gateway and DNS addresses of the wireless profile for your network.

General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by on May 01, 2018, 11:54:23 »
As you describe - message appears as I start the app, and I agree it is almost certainly coming from the WiFi interface.

So I agree it is almost certainly a config issue on the wifi i/f, but I cannot find any way of influencing that - I guess a better phrasing of my question is "How do I get at the parameters of the wifi i/f on this Kindle"?!
General Discussion / Re: Kindle Fire issue
« Last post by johng on May 01, 2018, 10:47:04 »
Could you provide more information about the symptoms:

If you go to the wifi settings and tap on the network name does it go through the usual phases of "Obtaining IP Address" and "Connected", before it reports "Your DSL Connection Is Down" ? Or, do you mean that this message appears after the wireless is connected when you start the BridgePal app. If it's the latter then it sounds as though the router is generating the message (I don't see how the Kindle could know that the router uses a DSL connection to connect to the internet). In that case it may be a router configuration issue.

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