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BridgePal Server Release 1.4.8
« on: December 18, 2017, 20:17:39 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 1.4.8. You can install BridgePal Server from the Upgrade menu of BridgeScore. Alternatively, you can download and install v1.4.8 from the BridgePal website. Note that BridgePal Server v1.4.8 requires BridgeScore 3.0.1 or later.

A full list of enhancements is given below:
  • Minor changes to font sizing on traveller and ranking screen to prevent overflow.

  • Can now view any traveller from the session while in the last round, providing all boards in the last round have been played at the table.

  • The "Review" button is now shown on the ranking screen only if all boards have been played at the table.

  • Providiing that play at the table has finished then, when reviewing travellers for the session, cross imps and scores are now displayed for Team events even if they were disabled for the event in BridgeScore.

  • The width of the "Start" button on the initial BridgePal screen now scales up on larger devices, so the button text does not overflow.