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Release Infomation / BridgeScore Release 3.0.3
« Last post by Mirna on December 05, 2017, 14:04:41 »
There is a new release of BridgeScore, v3.0.3, available for download from BridgeScore website. If you are on v2.9.22 or later, install the new release via the Upgrade menu on the front screen of BridgeScore. Otherwise to install the release go to Download Software page on the website and then do upgrade.

Enhancements in this release:
  • Support for EBU Api version 3. How does this affect you? Only if you are affiliated to EBU - you will be able to see players sessions history when searching for an EBU number.
  • More CBAI masterpoint reports.
  • Movement Library list of movements format slightly changed - allows for sorting.
  • Added one winner app mitchells for 11 rounds, 22 boards.
  • On results screen show real match points and tops (max). Will add it to printouts when I can face it.
  • Corrected Webpage Total and percent calculation. This affects you if you use Webpage rather than upload to Bridgewebs or similar.
  • On the result page push colour scheme under Preferences/Webpage menu. Push Print Hands there too.
  • Small tweaks to error handling when sending emails.
1)If the "Real Name" is entered during the session then when the players move to the next table the correct names will be shown.
2) if the "Real Name" is entered and the phone is still on the screen with player names if you select refresh from the menu options the phones will show the correct name.
In 99% of cases it will the scenario 1) above as they will probably be on a contract screen when you enter the correct name.

At our club, this is a source of amusement when greeting players as "No Name"

3) If the results are posted with "No Name" then alter BridgeScore and repost.

If you want to avoid "No Name" you could set up a couple of ID's that are more friendly / club standard . e.g. Guest 1 , 2 etc. You could assign easy to remember numbers e.g. Guest 1 is id 101 etc.

Then at some stage change Guest to the right name.

In practice putting a new name in is less than 1 minute. Simply go into player names and type in the new name. You will see an option appear that allows you to add a new name. It's the same if a player has entered the wrong ID and you want to change a name i's pretty much the same.
Frequently Asked Questions / Re: How to enter an Adjusted Score?
« Last post by Mirna on December 05, 2017, 10:47:17 »
You cannot enter adjustments on BridgePal unit. Enter no play and then enter an adjusted score in BridgeScore.

BridgeScore has a standard Widows Help. Click on Help on the front screen or on the question icon on any other screen.

In your case - enter keyword 'adjustments' under the Index tab.
You can skip entering a player id for that player when the ids are entered on BridgePal. That is why the player shows as "NoName". You can assign a player id and associated name for the player in BridgeScore either during or after the session. It won't show up on the BridgePal during the session in progress. However, it will show up in the results uploaded from BridgeScore to the website.
Frequently Asked Questions / How to enter an Adjusted Score?
« Last post by Gravitino on December 05, 2017, 10:42:34 »
We had a hesitation last night, and the director issued an adjusted score: 50% of 5Cx-2 and 50% of 4C-1.  How should we enter that into the handset or the BridgePal PC?

Is there an online manual which answers this sort of question about the scoring software?
You have defined the movement, you have kicked off the wireless scoring, and at some point after that, you realise that one of the players at a table is new and hasn't been registered on the database. 

The system seems to know her as 'NoName', but how should you put the correct name in for the session?
Club Tips / Using BridgePals in Penang
« Last post by AlaninMY on December 05, 2017, 00:50:33 »
Penang Bridge Club (Malaysia) relies on an expat with lots of sophisticated equipment to score for the club. But like many of our expat players the scorer can be away travelling for extended periods. The club needed a cheap backup to accommodate this. John very kindly has allowed us to use the BridgePal system.

Not wishing to spend money until the system is proven and funds were available (another story) we decided to trial BridgePal using players hand phones. The first problem for anyone wanting to download the app from the android app-store is that it is geographically locked to the UK but the very useful link on the setting up scoring units page quickly solved this problem. The next problem was that some of our players are elderly and need to sit north/south and almost without exception they seemed to own iPhones. These hand phones proved to be very frustrating to set up using the web browser method as described on the using non-android devices page. Most but not all of the phones (I think operating system version dependent) would refuse to connect to a network without an internet connection. Suspecting this might be a problem within Safari users were asked to download Chrome onto their iPhones. This corrected the problem for many of the phones but continued with the latest versions.

Excellent support from John brought up this link which confirms there is an issue with phones using version 10 of the operating system. To get around this we are requesting access to the WiFi network where we play. To ease life that means fixing the IP address of our laptop. A good reference for doing this can be found here
Support / Re: What options do you take for a simple two-team match?
« Last post by johng on December 03, 2017, 10:03:49 »

What you say is simply misleading. BridgePal does in fact properly supports sessions with a very small number of players, within the confines of the functionality advertised, i.e. pairs and multiple teams. These type of events can be played with as few as two tables, selecting one of the pre-defined movements in Bridgescore, or defining one of your own.

It may not support every type of event you might come up with but that's not a defect of the software. We choose to implement the features that we think will be most useful to clubs, and to do those well, rather than trying to make BridgePal/Bridgescore into the swiss army knife of wireless scoring systems ! Remember that we are providing this software free of charge as a service to the bridge community, and our effort is not unlimited.

For wireless scoring of pairs and multiple teams events we provide comprehensive functionality which I think you will find matches or surpasses any of the commercial wireless scoring systems out there.

Support / Re: What options do you take for a simple two-team match?
« Last post by Gravitino on December 03, 2017, 08:52:47 »
OK, thanks.  It's good to know we hadn't misunderstood this aspect of the instructions.

It's a pity that BridgePal does not properly support sessions with a very small number of players, because it is through these that individuals can demonstrate to themselves that the system works before they make a major proposal to their club.  (As you know, it is so inexpensive for someone to download the software, and borrow a WiFi router and a couple of Android handsets.)

My wife and I play in a couple of leagues in Surrey which take place in people's homes: just two teams of four, in which you play against one pair in the first half, then the other opposing pair in the second half.It would be nice to have BridgePal support this sort of match.

We also have social bridge when we have just four players, in which we compete on the basis of the optimal contract calculated for  the Hand Record.  If you make the Optimal Contract, then neither side wins the board. If you exceed the optimal score, the board is a victory to your pair; if you do worse, the board is a victory to the opposing pair.  Simple, but fun.  It would be wonderful to have BridgePal support that sort of non-duplicate game.
BridgePal Router / Re: Sky router not working
« Last post by johng on December 02, 2017, 10:24:57 »
Just wanted to say that while it may be true of some ISPs, it's not always the case. A couple of clubs, Otford and St Julians, are using a TalkTalk Super Router HG533 (see the thread at ).
St Julians have used this for club sessions with at least 18 tables.
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