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Brilliant service and support
« on: August 06, 2017, 12:33:48 »
I started with the use of Bridge Solver on our Club websites locally with John helping me each step of the way and using the facility provided by Gwynne Hughes of Bridgewebs. Scoring by Bridgemates owned by the WBU it was obvious that we needed to have our own equipment but the cost involved was beyond our means. I researched and tried the various alternatives using android phones or tablets and was impressed by the enthusiastic responses from Mirna and John and decided to give their programs a try. Now in use for seven sessions and using 7" android tablets we have experienced no problems. Requests for Welsh personalisation have been quickly and cheerfully implemented and the latest release now has the facility to upload files to the Welsh Bridge Union database. Welsh Club details and membership lists are also available.
All in all a high class level of communication and support and a super electronic scoring system using low cost and readily available hardware.

Well done Mirna and John.  :)

Best wishes