Author Topic: What could cause very long response times to BridgePal requests ?  (Read 575 times)


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Assuming that there are no wifi connectivity issues, if you start to experience very long response times to requests from BridgePal scoring units it may be that something is running in the background on your PC and consuming all the system resources. If you start the Windows Task Manager you may see that either disk or CPU utilisation is very high, even 100%.

A likely culprit is anti-virus software, since this tends to decide to start a background scan when it thinks the system is idle, e.g. there is no mouse or keyboard input occurring. Even if you have not explicitly installed an anti-virus package you may have Microsoft's Windows Defender running if you are using Windows 8 or later, since it is on by default.

I strongly suggest disabling Windows Defender, or any other anti-virus package, for the duration of the bridge session. It is possible to prevent Windows Defender running by disabling the service (through Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Services and Applications/Services). The service is called “Windows Defender Service”. Note: On Windows 10 at least, the option to stop or disable the service is greyed out. If this is the case on your system try the solution at (use the second option - "How to disable Windows Defender using the Registry", or try the third option for a temporary solution - "Bonus: How to disable Windows Defender using the Settings app").

UPDATE: For Windows 10, to disable Windows Defender, download the attachment "Disable_Windows_Defender_Real-Time_Protection.reg" to the desktop and double click on the file. Answer "Yes" to the warning messages. To re-enable Windows Defender download the attachment "Enable_Windows_Defender_Real-Time_Protection.reg" and follow the same instructions.
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Re: What could cause very long response times to BridgePal requests ?
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I noticed that my club laptop was running very slowly and the poor thing was taking ages to respond.
The culprit seemed to be WSAPPX  using 100% Disk. It is used for installing, uninstalling, and updating Store apps. Windows automatically updates Store apps in the background. This process starts when you link to a wireless network and on this occasion I was using a hotspot on my phone
If you really don’t care about these included apps, you can tell the Windows Store not to automatically update your apps by disabling automatic updates of Windows Store apps – .

The best solution I have found to ALL these problems is to use a stand alone router that is not connected to the internet so that Windows does nothing whilst using BridgePAl