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Using BridgePals in Penang
« on: December 05, 2017, 00:50:33 »
Penang Bridge Club (Malaysia) relies on an expat with lots of sophisticated equipment to score for the club. But like many of our expat players the scorer can be away travelling for extended periods. The club needed a cheap backup to accommodate this. John very kindly has allowed us to use the BridgePal system.

Not wishing to spend money until the system is proven and funds were available (another story) we decided to trial BridgePal using players hand phones. The first problem for anyone wanting to download the app from the android app-store is that it is geographically locked to the UK but the very useful link on the setting up scoring units page quickly solved this problem. The next problem was that some of our players are elderly and need to sit north/south and almost without exception they seemed to own iPhones. These hand phones proved to be very frustrating to set up using the web browser method as described on the using non-android devices page. Most but not all of the phones (I think operating system version dependent) would refuse to connect to a network without an internet connection. Suspecting this might be a problem within Safari users were asked to download Chrome onto their iPhones. This corrected the problem for many of the phones but continued with the latest versions.

Excellent support from John brought up this link which confirms there is an issue with phones using version 10 of the operating system. To get around this we are requesting access to the WiFi network where we play. To ease life that means fixing the IP address of our laptop. A good reference for doing this can be found here