Author Topic: Delaying playing a board until later  (Read 519 times)


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Delaying playing a board until later
« on: March 19, 2018, 09:02:38 »
We are a new club with some quite novice players. This is generally not a problem if I can get all the novices sitting in the same orientation but if novice pair 1 sitting NS comes up against novice pair 2 sitting EW they can fall a complete board behind.

I can of course just enter 'Not Played' but it would be nice to suggest they stay back and play the board at the end of the session. Is this possible?

I think I might have just answered my own question. Enter the board as not played and then manually update in BridgeScore later on before posting the result. In which case 'is there a better way'?


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Re: Delaying playing a board until later
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 09:54:39 »
Yes, at present you can only do it using the method you describe - entering "Not Played" at the time and then manually updating via BridgeScore later. However, I'm currently working on a release to add "Director Functions" to BridgePal. This will enable a score from an earlier board to be corrected on The BridgePal (or entered if it was previously recorded as "Not Played"). The function will be protected by a PIN so that it cannot be used to cheat by amending an earlier board without the cooperation of the director. The procedure will be as follows:

1. Enter "Not Played" when the board is originally omitted.
2. NS gets back together with EW at the end of the session to play the board at the original table where it would have been played.
3. Call the Director, who will select the relevant menu entry on the BridgePal, input the PIN, and enter the board number which is to be played. The BridgePal will then display the contract entry screen.
4. Director hands the BridgePal to North and can leave the table at this point. The board is then played and North follows the normal procedure for contract entry.
5. When North taps OK on the traveller screen the BridgePal will return to the previous position in the session (i.e. end of session if you are playing the board after the last round).

In this release I'm also adding a function to allow player ids to be input or corrected at the start of any round, not just at the start of the session.

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