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BridgePal Server Release 1.5.1
« on: June 18, 2018, 13:49:32 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 1.5.1. You can install BridgePal Server from the Upgrade menu of BridgeScore. Alternatively, you can download and install v1.5.1 from the BridgePal website. Note that BridgePal Server v1.5.1 requires BridgeScore 3.0.4 or later.

This release fixes a couple of obscure bugs in the "Change Score" director function, which was introduced in the v1.5.0 BridgePal Server Release. These were:

- tapping in the PIN entry field while executing a "Change Score" director function caused the board number being corrected to be set to "undefined". This has been fixed, and tapping in the the PIN entry field now just clears the field.

- tapping on the "Review" button on the ranking screen and then immediately executing a "Change Score" director function
caused BridgePal to display an empty traveller with board number 255 after completing the "Change Score" request. This has been corrected, and control now returns to the ranking screen after the Change Score has completed.

Neither of the above bugs caused errors in the recorded scores.