BridgePal Scoring System

If you play bridge in BBO tournaments, you can extract the results from BBO and upload them to your website or NBO, with full scorecard and traveller details, and hand records, using our free BBO Extractor software and BBOtoXML conversion utility. See here

          See "BridgePal App Reference Guide" for more screenshots

What is BridgePal ?

BridgePal is the world's best and most popular freeware wireless bridge scoring system for bridge sessions based on the use of smartphones or tablets.

The devices are networked via a wifi router to a Windows PC which runs the scoring software, but no mobile network or internet connection is required and therefore the system can be used in any location.

There are no software purchasing, licensing, or usage charges of any kind.

The software includes a BridgePal app which runs on android smartphones or tablets. It is also possible to use non-android devices as scoring units providing they are touchscreen devices with a web browser.

BridgePal was developed by John & Mirna Goacher in 2011 for use initially at their local club in Kent. It is now being used on a regular basis by a growing number of clubs. Although it is no longer the only smartphone based bridge scoring system in existence we believe it was probably the first to be implemented.


The BridgePal scoring system is intuitive, feature rich, and easy to use. The hand record related features in the list below are optional and individually configurable by the director from the scoring program or BridgePal server: