BridgePal Scoring System

What Users Say

Quotes from BridgePal users (from emails, websites or BridgePal forum)

"We have used ACBL scoring software with Bridgepal. We conducted 8 table session which went on smoothly. Bridgepal is an amazing software and made our tournaments very easy." (India, 15 April 2019)

"We had a test-run with the BridgePal system and it was a great success. Everybody who was present is very enthusiastic to have it introduced in the club." (7 Dec 2018)

"Thank you very much for this excellent system and your assistance." (7 Dec 2018)

"It is a fantastic system well done and thank you to you both."

"...a sweet piece of software. Appreciate all the hard work gone into creating the product and also allowing others to share your endeavours."

"We use Bridgescore/Bridgepal as the scoring progam, acknowledged as perhaps the easiest and most innovative program available."

"The software has been a huge success at the club and even our most technophobic members have adjusted and can now happily enter the details on the phones. Our sincerest gratitude to Mirna and John for creating it and putting it out for free."

"Our club has looked at the scoring issue for at least the past four years, and always deferred it... I believe BridgePal offers a radically new price point, and rather more functionality than ..."

"I have taken the risk upon myself to buy the tablets, and throw in an old laptop and a BT home wifi router... Sometimes one has to be a pioneer."

"After Bridge on Friday a few of us went for a drink and during the course of the evening there was an outpouring of love for BridgePal"

"...the simplicity and elegant nature of the software - as Watson & Crick said when they built their DNA model 'We just looked to stare at it and say - It's so beautiful!'..."

"I think that the Desktop is excellent - it has everything required instantly available and there is nothing peripheral there.!"

"The Movement Editor is the Star feature. It means that I can set up custom movements for all the sessions that we are likely to have and thus the starting of a movement could not be easier and the likelihood of errors virtually disappears."

"The procedure for restarting a session is infinitely easier than with ..."

"The lack of any requirement for manually resetting tablets is excellent."

See this link - from WBU presidential blog