BridgePal Scoring System

Using Non-Android Devices

The BridgePal app is only implemented for android devices. However, the app chiefly serves to encapsulate a browser based application and all the essential functions of the application are available directly through a standard browser. Thus it should be possible to use the application on any touch screen device that has a web browser, for example, iPhone, iPad.

From the web browser the BridgePal application can be accessed via a url having the following form:


where "aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd" represents the numeric ip address of the scoring PC. The ":1357" must be included if using BridgePalServices v1.6 or later, otherwise it should be omitted. The server will respond with the Start Screen as shown in the BridgePal App User Guide, assuming that BridgeScore is running and a wireless scoring session has been started. The session then proceeds as described there.

Accessing Special Functions

There are a number of director functions which may be required occasionally. These functions are accessible from the BridgePal app menu but on non-android devices must be accessed via specific urls, If the BridgePal Server version on the PC is v1.5.0 or later, the following url can be used to access all director functions (the functions are described in the BridgePal App User Guide).


replacing aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd by the numeric ip address of the scoring PC.

NOTE - Although it is possible to use non-android devices in this way, some of the advantages of using the android BridgePal app are lost, for example automatic discovery of the PC ip address