BridgePal Scoring System


The BridgePal scoring system currently only interfaces to Mirna's own scoring program BridgeScore, which is used by a number of clubs in the UK and elsewhere. It is easy to use, handling Duplicate Pairs and Multiple Teams events. It is english language only and supports master point calculation for the National Bridge Organisations of countries listed in the features section. However, it could be suitable for unaffiliated clubs in other countries.

The smartphones or tablets do of course require relatively frequent recharging, whereas dedicated units tend to use disposable batteries which may last several months. For example, our experience with the Alcatel Pixi 4 4" model suggests that the battery should last for three 3 hour sessions on a single charge, assuming it is set up so that the screen display times out between scoring rounds and that the phone is powered off between sessions. Bear in mind that rechargeable batteries will self-discharge at a slow rate over time even with the device powered off. In practice we recharge our club phones after 2 sessions, using cheap usb charging units that can each recharge up to 10 phones simultaneously.

Wifi probably has a shorter range than the lower frequency wireless networks used by dedicated scoring systems, and therefore may be less suitable for events in large multi-room venues. In practice, we have found the range to be perfectly adequate in a large hall with 20 tables. We occasionally use a wifi extender unit in our local club when the number of tables overflows into a second room. For venues where a wireless extender unit cannot be placed within wireless range of the main router, an option would be to use wifi over powerline extenders. These operate by relaying the signals from the main router via ethernet over the building's power cabling to one or more wireless access points. These can be located in any room which has a power socket.