BridgePal Scoring System

Download PC Components

The following software components should be downloaded and installed on the PC.

1. BridgePalServices

This package installs system software components on the target PC. This installer carries out a number of functions:

2. BridgePal Server

Installs software for BridgePal Server & dependencies in the directory C:\BridgePal. This includes:

Release notes for BridgePal Server can be viewed here.

* If you get a blue bar mid screen saying "Windows protected your PC... Running this app might put your PC at risk", click on "More Info" and then click the button "Run Anyway". Ignore any message about the dangers of running an executable file.

** BridgeScore users should install/upgrade from BridgeScore website or from BridgeScore Upgrade menu. If you install above packages, you must upgrade BridgeScore to the latest version - at least version 4.0.0.

*** Install other scoring programs from their website.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4

This is not required for Windows 8 or Windows 10 but it may be required for earlier versions of Windows.Users should only download and install this component if requested to do so while installing BridgePalServices or BridgePal Server.


BridgePalServices v1.6.2

This package installs apache and php on the target PC.

This installer carries out a number of functions:

- it installs the Apache 2.4 web server in C:\Apache24 and the PHP server in C:\PHP5.

- It installs the Visual C++ 2010 runtime library required by Apache 2.4.

- It installs the Visual C++ 2008 runtime library required by PHP.

- It starts the apache server and also configures it to run at subsequent system startups. The user may also be prompted to click on a button to unblock the Windows firewall for apache, so that external requests from the scoring units will be able to reach apache.

BridgePal Server v1.5.3

This package installs a server program and the php scripts required for BridgePal. The server program will be installed in the directory C:\BridgePal and the php scripts will be installed in the directory C:\Apache24\htdocs.

BridgeScore Scoring Program v3.1.1