BridgePal Scoring System

WiFi Network Setup

Routers should work "out of the box" without any special setup requirements. If you are using a second hand router it may be a good idea to reset the router to factory settings in order to erase any configuration parameters which have been altered from their default settings.

You can use any name for the WiFi network - most routers will already have a default name. The router does not need to be connected to the internet in order for BridgePal to function.

Do not allow the scoring laptop (or scoring units) to connect automatically to any WiFi network other than the one used for BridgePal. If necessary erase the passwords for any other configured WiFi networks by selecting the 'forget' network option. This ensures that the BridgePal network is the only one that scoring units and the laptop can connect to. Then, if the WiFi signal drops at any time during the session, everything will automatically reconnect to the correct network, as there is no other network configured.

If you use an Ethernet cable to connect the PC to the router, make sure that there is no wireless connection between the router and the PC as well. Again, to reliably achieve this, delete the BridgePal network's WiFi password from the PC by using the ‘forget’ option. Simultaneous ethernet and wifi connections between the PC and the router are likely to cause BridgePal to fail to function.