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Title: Sticky settings in Server?
Post by: 528 on May 30, 2019, 14:12:54
I uncheck the display settings in the Travellers section to try and get my players to  finish a little faster.  It doesn't seem as if these settings are sticky, I have to uncheck them for each session.  Am I missing something?  I do use the 'Save' button in that window.
Title: Re: Sticky settings in Server?
Post by: johng on May 30, 2019, 15:28:20
In the present release of BridgePal Server (2.2.0) none of the settings changed in BridgePal Server are sticky from one session to the next. However, if the scoring program provides a value for a particular setting it will be used to initialise the value in BridgePal Server for a new session. If the scoring program does not provide a value for a particular setting then in the current 2.2.0 release of BridgePal Server a default value is used instead.

In the 2.3.0 release of BridgePal Server, which I am currently working on, settings which are modified and saved in BridgePal Server will be "sticky" across sessions, but only if those settings are not supplied by the scoring program.

If you are using BridgeScore as the scoring program then most settings are supplied by the program and any preferred values should be saved there rather than in BridgePal Server. On the other hand, ACBLscore supplies very few settings and in that case the relevant setting should be changed and saved in BridgePal Server (and in the 2.3.0 release will be persistent across sessions).

Update: I may also provide a BridgePal Server setting to tell it to override settings provided by the scoring program (i.e. to initialise new sessions with the settings saved in BridgePal Server from the previous session). This would have the advantage of allowing settings to be controlled from one place, rather than some from the scoring program and some from BridgePal Server. It also addresses the case where the scoring program initialises a setting with a default value (which may be different to the required value), but does not provide the facility to change that default.
Title: Re: Sticky settings in Server?
Post by: 528 on May 31, 2019, 13:18:30