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As from BridgeScore release 4.0.0 you can enter completely new name in the player list in BridgeScore after an event has been started and the name will be shown on BridgePals.
Well, if that was the case it would follow that everyone who works for a charitable organisation should also be unpaid, but as we know that is not the case  :-)  . Even if people work for free it costs money to develop software (e.g. for the hardware), and if a significant part of the income comes from the use of that software for cafe bridge then perhaps it isn't reasonable to expect the developers to give that up.

Anyway, onto your question. BridgePal isn't really designed for use over mobile networks. One thing for certain is that auto-configuration would not work, because bridgepalBroadcast would not work over mobile networks. Therefore you would have to configure the ip address of the scoring PC into each BridgePal manually (and bear in mind that players on a cafe bridge drive may often be using their own phones, so you cannot configure them in advance).

You would need to make the scoring PC visible to devices on the internet, which can be usually be done with a modification to the router configuration but the details depend on the make and model of the router. The scoring program isn't designed to be run remotely, though I suppose if you carried a laptop around with you on an event you could log in remotely using something like VNC (I'm assuming the scoring laptop would not be mobile because it needs to retain a static ip address).

Also, a BridgePal scoring unit is only used by North and is assigned to a table rather than a player. If players were using their own phones on a cafe bridge drive I'm sure they would be reluctant to leave them at the table for use by subsequent pairs at that venue !

So, perhaps it's technically possible, but with a lot of inconvenience, and its not a use case that we would endorse or support.

I believe that for events such as Cafe Bridge to be considered wholly charitable, the use of bridge scoring software should also be free to the organisers, rather than putting money into the pockets of the developers for every player at the session.

My experience of BridgePal is only over a WiFi network.  Can some of the Norths also communicate with the server over mobile networks?
Support / Re-Installing BridgePalServices 2.0.0 on Windows 7
« Last post by johng on December 04, 2018, 10:50:59 »
There is a minor issue with re-running the installer for BridgePalServices 2.0.0 on Windows 7. Windows 10 is not affected.

If you run the BridgePalServices 2.0.0 installer on Windows 7 the installation will run to completion ok. However, if you re-run the installer for any reason you will see a message that a file called nginx.exe cannot be deleted. The solution to this is to reboot the PC and run the installer again. This time the installer will run to completion without problems.

I have also done this.
I have 2 monitors in addition to my laptop and have used the extended screen functionality to display the scrolling screen on the 2 monitors and the event screen on the laptop.
In the main though I just leave all 3 displays the same and display the scrolling screen on all 3. It sits on top of the event screen  and is easily readable
Support / Re: Caffeine
« Last post by Mirna on November 29, 2018, 15:04:07 »
I must have been lucky, but Caffeine works for me on several different devices and it works well. I run it on Alcatel Pixi4, Alcatel POP4, Google Nexus 4, Lenovo tab7 and an ancient Kindle. I use BridgePal launcher so when I turn the device on, after half a minute I get CONNECTED... message and the Caffeine icon on the status bar on top of the screen. Screen is dimmed as expected until I tap it.
My settings:
Settings - Display - Sleep - after 1 minute of inactivity.
Start Caffeine, set to ON
Brightness - Dim after system display timeout
Deactivate when screen turns off - unticked
Activate Caffeine for applications - select BridgePal
Enable Caffeine at boot - ticked
Activate at boot - ticked

... I think that's all
Support / Re: Caffeine
« Last post by Peter W on November 29, 2018, 13:46:22 »
Mirna's link opens the Apkpure page for the sqcubes Caffeine app that I've set up for the two clubs I maintain on my browser.
I couldn't get the same effect from the versions of Android I've been working with. I could set up so the screen switched off completely after 15 or 30 seconds, but not to just dim it and stay on. If the screen switched off then the power button had to be used to get it on again, which is much less convenient. Let me know if I've missed some Android setting please.
Support / Re: Version 4.0.0 issues - Windows 10 professional
« Last post by Alaric on November 28, 2018, 17:35:10 »
Thanks for that clarification!  I think that explains everything neatly!
I assume you mean the scrolling ranking display ? Yes, you can do this, I've just tried it. Connect the second screen to the laptop via its hdmi port and configure it as an "extended" screen rather than as a mirror of the laptop screen. Then, when the ranking display appears, use the trackpad to drag its window across to the external screen. You will have to do this every time you switch on the ranking screen, it won't remember which screen it was last displayed on.

Some clubs who run Bridgemates have a large, separate PC screen which they use to display the current standing of each pair.  Bridgemates displays this table via a browser page, so it's not too difficult to configure.

Can a second screen be used with BridgePal to display live results?

(Sorry if the answer is already available inside one of the manuals.)
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