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Support / Re: Access Point Compatibility
« Last post by johng on February 12, 2019, 14:54:13 »
One further thought. Normally a router has a DHCP server. this is the component that hands out ip addresses to connected devices (unless you have configured all your devices with static ip addresses). Since Access Points normally operate in conjunction with a router it is possible that they are not configured to run a DHCP Server by default, although it may be possible to change this via the Access Point's configuration pages. If the devices cannot get an ip address they will not connect. However, if you have three Access Points connected to the same ethernet, presumably only one of them should run a DHCP Server !

Support / Re: Access Point Compatibility
« Last post by johng on February 12, 2019, 11:33:45 »
Hi Rex,

I would think it should be compatible with Access Points but never tried it with just an Access Point and no router. Could I suggest you try the troubleshooting steps which I have posted on the forum this morning. See the thread here

Are all your BridgePal devices configured with the wireless password for just one of the three Access Points ? Is it possible they might be finding and connecting to another open wifi network at the club premises ?

Support / Access Point Compatibility
« Last post by RexG on February 12, 2019, 11:12:40 »
Hi, I have just installed the upgraded BridgePalServices V2.1.0 and at our club night tonight not one of our 10 tablets would login. We had to score on paper for the night. Now that I am home the tablets will log in without any problem. The difference is the hardware. At the Club we have three access points connected to the PC via ethernet cable i.e. no router whereas at home I have a router on WiFi to the PC. Tablet log in at the club was difficult with the earlier version but they could be persuaded to login and when going performed quite well. Tonight after the upgrade it was impossible. My question is: Is V2.1.0 compatible with Access points? Or is there some other setting I have missed.
If you are experiencing problems with the BridgePal app on your phones/tablets not communicating with the PC, please follow this sequence of checks and troubleshooting steps which should enable you to determine where the problem lies:

  • Check that the PC and the tablet are both connected to the same wifi network name
  • On the PC, in the taskbar, you should have an icon which looks like two cogwheels. This is the BridgePalServices Monitor application. Click on this to bring up its window. If it is not on the taskbar you should have the icon on the desktop. Double click on that to start it running
  • The BridgePalServices Monitor should show the status of three services as "Active" - these are bridgepalBroadcast, Web Server, and PHP Server
  • Check that the "Run BridgePal Broadcast" checkbox is ticked (it will be if bridgepalBroadcast is shown as "Active")
  • Under "Active Interface IP Addresses" you should see a timestamp and the ip address of the PC. The timestamp shows when the last broadcast message was transmitted on the interface. It should be no more than about 20 seconds ago. If there is no IP address shown it means the PC is not connected to the router
  • Assuming that all the above is ok, start the BridgePal app on the tablet. If it doesn't connect then select "More>>Find BridgePal Server" from the BridgePal app menu
  • Watch the screen for 20 seconds. Within this time you should either see a message briefly popup reporting the PC's ip address or a message saying that the PC address was not detected. In the latter case, double check the router and PC wireless connections again - the app should have received the ip address if the earlier steps checked out ok
  • If the broadcast message is received by the BridgePal app it would normally connect to the PC automatically. However, if a connection error message is on display it is sometimes necessary to give it a bit of help. Try tapping on the Retry button, or select "Refresh" from the app menu, or choose "More>>Select BridgePal Server" from the app menu and then tap on the name "BridgePal" in the server list (which will normally contain only one entry)

If the BridgePal app connects you will either see the message "Connected - Session Not Yet Started", if you have not initiated a wireless scoring session from the scoring program, or you will see the BridgePal app Welcome screen (the one with the Start button).

If you still can't connect, the most likely explanation for your problem is the wireless connectivity (i.e. either tablet or PC not connected to the wifi router, or connected to different routers). You should make sure that the phone/tablet is only configured with the password for a single wifi network, otherwise if it loses connectivity it may connect to any wifi network within range to which it has previously been connected. You can tell it to "forget" a wifi network by doing a long press on the network name in the list of wifi networks and then select "Forget Network".
Support / Re: Traveller Screen Sort Order
« Last post by Reg Hull on February 11, 2019, 09:40:56 »
For me I cannot see the benefit.
It's only a snapshot at a moment in time which will change as others play the board.
The pink works really well and everyone quickly knows how they have done. At our club the usual debate is, what could make and who made what.
I think we have to remember that the beauty of BridgeScore is it's simplicity and that it's free. As you start to add things, it clutters up the programs and things start becoming inefficient.

BridgePal Router / Re: Tablets will not connect to Router/PC
« Last post by Mirna on February 10, 2019, 15:52:53 »
This issue has now been addressed in BridgePalServices Release 2.1.0 and BridgePal Server Release 2.1.0 - see the release notes
Support / Re: Entering an average score for a hand that's not played
« Last post by Mirna on February 10, 2019, 14:26:45 »
An average can now be entered via BridgePal units directors menu  as from the BridgePal Server release 2.1.0
Support / Re: Movements
« Last post by Mirna on February 10, 2019, 14:23:16 »
UPDATE re table cards

When View movement via 'Scorer'/'Open Event'/'Define Movement'/'View Movement' button, you can now view movement in the traveller format OR table card format as from BridgeScore release 4.0.0. As from this release you can also view table cards for teams.
Frequently Asked Questions / Re: How to enter an Adjusted Score?
« Last post by Mirna on February 10, 2019, 14:11:09 »
You can now enter adjusted scores on BridgePal units directors menu as from the BridgePal Server release 2.1.0
Support / Re: Traveller Screen Sort Order
« Last post by johng on February 09, 2019, 12:50:31 »
No, it isn't currently possible to sort the traveller by a different column. I'm not sure there is that much to be gained  by doing that - the percentage column already enables you to see how much you have gained or lost on that particular board. Anyway, I'll record the fact that it has been suggested as a possible future enhancement.
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