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Support / Re: Starting Bridgepal in mobile
« Last post by Mirna on April 14, 2019, 16:39:39 »
Hi - apology. I just noticed your post - the forum didn't seem to notify me about your post as it normally does - email has not worked.

Hope you are still interested in the answer:)

One way to see the results is to turn on Scrolling screen on the wireless control panel. You can watch the scrolling screen while you are entering the contracts on Bridgepals. Normally the scrolling screen will come on automatically when the score of the last board of the last round is entered.

When you click on Results, wireless scoring is suspended, but you can see the results on the Results screen. The message just tells you that any scores entered on Bridgepals will not be processed by BridgeScore until you exit Results screen. The scores are not lost, they are queued up waiting for you to exit the results screen.

Another way to look at the results is to stop wireless scoring (click on the Exit button on the event screen. Then reopen the event (no to the question open control panel?) and click on Results. You can then click on Make - webpage. This will make and htm file - the program will tell you name and location of the file - which you can then open in the browser.

Are you using BridgePals in a club? You can post the webpage on the website if you have one or you can email it to the players. If you have hand records, you can click on Play it Again, to replay the hand using Bridge Solver.

Again - sincere apology for the delay.
The laws state that in a suit contract Trumps are always on Dummy's right. The remaining suits can be put in any order. In NT you can put in any order.

North can record the lead on his convention card. There is no difference to entering it on BridgePal and glancing at his convention card or BridgePal.
There is some debate at the moment about whether declarer-dummy are permitted to have an agreement that dummy will always put the suit led on the right-hand side (or wherever), if it isn't trumps.  It would seem to be that declarer is not permitted this aide-memoire. So it would seem wrong for North (if he is the scorer) to have knowledge of the card led throughout the play if he records the opening lead on BridgePal right away.

How do other clubs tackle this nuance?
Problems with tablets dropping out at Lyonshall were caused by the router which was a brand new Belkin model. Everything else and everybody had been blamed for the problem until we changed the router and everything now works well. We use WordPad7 educational tablets which are now obtainable for 30 including a mains charger and PU leather case discounted down from their original 100 price tag.
This seems very odd to me, especially the fact that you can't reconnect manually to the network once the tablets have lost connection. If I were you I would definitely try a different router to see if that makes a difference. Of course, any tablet should work with any router but maybe there is some subtle bug in the firmware of the router or the tablets. Do you use static or dynamic ip address allocation ? i don't know whether that would make a difference.
BridgeScore does not support "Individual" movements. You could use a different scoring program with BridgePal, e.g. EBUScore Individual or Jeff Smith's EBU Individual. The latest versions of both these programs support BridgePal as a "table top unit".

Note that although BridgePal can be used to input scores for Individual movements it will not show the correct move instructions for the South and West players, only for North and East. Therefore, it's best to turn off display of move instructions (can be done via the BridgePal Server settings screen). Also, it would be best to turn off display of percentages and ranking on BridgePal as these will also be incorrect for Individual movements. The correct results will of course be calculated and displayed by the scoring program.

It's possible we may implement full support of Individual movements on BridgePal in a future release.
Support / Re: Bridgescore closes
« Last post by JohnB on March 24, 2019, 20:10:07 »
Hi Mirna

I don't have the kit at the moment as I am away on walking trip. I'll let you have it some time after  2 Apr.

Support / Re: Starting Bridgepal in mobile
« Last post by Rags132 on March 23, 2019, 05:30:48 »
Yes. It worked.
I entered sample data for 18 rounds and try to
Click on Results Button.
It shows message in popup that

"Wireless result retrieval suspended.
  It will be resumed after 300 seconds of inactivity
  Or when Exit clicked"

I waited for 300 secs and also clicked Exit,
But still gives me the same message.

Please let me know what does the above mean
And how can I see the result.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Support / Re: Starting Bridgepal in mobile
« Last post by Mirna on March 22, 2019, 10:00:07 »
Have you done wireless setup as mentioned in my previous reply -

"The scoring program has to have wireless scoring enabled. If you are using BridgeScore just go to Club Admin and under Wireless Scoring select Wireless and  BridgePal."

Once you set up wireless scoring in Club Admin, you will have to redefine the event - the setting doesn't work retrospectively.

Please let me know if it worked.
Support / Re: Starting Bridgepal in mobile
« Last post by Rags132 on March 22, 2019, 09:53:08 »
I have installed Bridgescore application in the server.
The network connection between the server and
 the smart phone us ok.
I have also configured an event as per the Bridgepal/ Bridge score manual as follows.

But I am not getting the question
"Strart wireless Scoring?" as given in item g of the manual.
How do I start the session?

Looking forward to your help.


or a Mitchell movement
o Enter Number of tables, Number of Rounds and Boards per round
o Select one or two winner movement.
o Enter arrow switches, if appropriate. (If arrow switch is on round 1, then
enter names on BridgePal as sitting at the table.)
o Select Skip or Share and Relay
o Enter Missing Pair or Rover, all as advised by director. Please note that
for Missing Pair (sitout), half table counts when you enter it in
Bridgescore. For Rover, there is no half table. So if there are 29 pairs, enter
number of tables as 15 if Missing Pair and 14 if Rover. This is different in
Bridgescore to some other scoring programs. Enter sitout/rover pair names
on BridgePal on round 1 (preferred) or on the computer. Alternatively they
can be entered via the Names button on any new round screen.
 For a Howell or any other non-Mitchell movement, optionally enter number of
tables first (this restricts the size of the dropdown list), then -
o Select the movement from the dropdown list
o Change number of boards per round if required
o Enter missing pair if required
 For Teams, after getting instructions from director, select -
o American Whist Odd from the movement dropdown list for odd number of
 Enter number of tables. When you tab away, the other fields are
filled in automatically.
o American Whist Score Break from the movement dropdown list, for even
number of tables
 Enter number of tables. When you tab away, the other fields are
filled in automatically.
f. Click on Save and then Exit.
g. Answer YES to the question 'Start wireless scoring?'
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