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Title: BridgePal_v2.0.0/2_Release_with_BridgeScore_v4.0.0_Release
Post by: johng on November 25, 2018, 15:31:28
There is a new release of the various BridgePal software PC components available on the BridgePal website (
The main purpose of this release is to enable BridgePal to work with other scoring programs as well as BridgeScore.

If you update any of these components you must update them all. You cannot mix and match them with older versions than those shown below. However, there is no change to the BridgePal android app. The components are:
If you are using older versions of Windows the installers for BridgePalServices and BridgePal Server may ask you to install Microsoft .Net Framework 4 first. Only install this if you are asked to do so. A download link is available in the "Download PC Components" section of the BridgePal website.

The new software uses a different webserver - nginx rather than apache. The BridgePalServices installer will uninstall the apache server and install the nginx server. If you are using the Windows Firewall the installer will automatically create an entry in the firewall tables to enable BridgePal phones/tablets to communicate with nginx. This will work for wireless networks which have been designated either as "public" or "private", thus removing one potential source of problems for users who switch to a different wireless network post installation.

The bridgepalBroadcast executable is now configured to run as a windows service. It will start at PC boot time and runs invisibly in the background.

BridgeScore version 4.0.0 release notes

Upgrade from BridgeScore website ( or BridgeScore Upgrade menu.

Upgraded for compatibility with the new BridgePal server.

Other updates:

Existing BridgePal users can upgrade BridgePal server and BridgeScore via the upgrade menu in BridgeScore.
To upgrade BridgePal Services go to the BridgePal website ( - Download PC components.