Author Topic: Hailsham BC trialing Bridgepal  (Read 283 times)


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Hailsham BC trialing Bridgepal
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:37:38 »
We ran a session last night for 8 tables using Bridgepal alongside our normal paper-based system and it performed very well. No-one seemed to have any significant problems entering scores, most seeming to find the software very intuitive. We did identify that we should have created 'dummy' guest/visitor names, as running without internet access at the club we could only choose from names of members already loaded into the system.

For interest we were running the software on a Compaq CQ61 laptop (about 8 years old) running Windows 10.
We have a acquired a number of 7" Android tablets - a mixture of:
Lenovo Tab3 Essential
Lenovo Tab E7; and
Acer Iconia One *(16Gb)

by raiding the Argos Ebay shop's sale of refurbished tablets. Cost ranged from about 35-38 for the Lenovos to 40 for the Acers and all performed well and were easy to read and operate.

Once we have built up confidence in our running of the system, the next step will be to test uploading results to Bridgeweb.

I have just installed the updates reported a couple of days ago, so we will test those next time out.

Thanks to all who provided advice and information to help us get going.
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Re: Hailsham BC trialing Bridgepal
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 14:06:03 »
Thank you for the update. With the new version of software you will be able to enter visitors names after the wireless scoring has started. You need to enter the name in BridgeScore - Event - Players and this will update BridgePals.
You can add a new name without the EBU number  - you can add this later when you get home. You would only need the Internet connection to look up the name and EBU number in the EBU database.
You can of course add the new name to the Names database before you start the wireless scoring - if you have time. Adding it later via Players does the same thing - adds it to the Names db but it also updates BridgePals.

Reg Hull

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Re: Hailsham BC trialing Bridgepal
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 17:16:45 »
Hi Hailsham.

Welcome to the best electronic scoring system around.

Thanks for sharing the source and cost of tablets. Good to know what price they can be acquired at these days.