Author Topic: How do I submit logs for analysis ?  (Read 1668 times)


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How do I submit logs for analysis ?
« on: December 20, 2016, 13:07:58 »
If problems are encountered when running a club session, and the cause is not obvious, it may be useful to submit the various system logs to us for analysis.
The logs from the BridgePal scoring units have to be collected within 7 days following the scoring session because the BridgePal app deletes older logs than that to save space.
To upload logs the BridgePal phones and the scoring PC need to be connected to the same wifi network and BridgePal monitor, with BridgePal broadcast enabled, needs to be running on the scoring PC (it is configured to run at boot time so should be running anyway). First of all, delete any old logs that are present in the directory C:/BridgePal/htdocs/request_logs. On each phone you need to start the BridgePal app, ensure it is connected to the scoring PC, then go to the BridgePal app menu and select “More>>” then “Upload Logs”. You should get a dialog box saying “Logs will be uploaded to BridgePal”. Click on OK. If the upload is successful it should happen quickly and you will get a message such as “5 out of 5 logs uploaded successfully” (I don’t know what the number of log files will be). Repeat this procedure on each phone that is available. The files will have been uploaded to the directory C:/BridgePal/htdocs/request_logs . You can either zip this whole directory and send it to me as an email attachment, or just email all the files in it as individual attachments.
I can analyse these logs and will be able to see when there were problems with response times or wifi outages.
If it’s too tedious to upload logs from all units, even logs from just a couple of the problematic devices would be useful.


Please also email the following log files from the scoring PC:
C:/ClubData/xlogs/bridgescore.txt (if it exists), including any old logs

+ any of the logs that also have .old suffix

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