Author Topic: Is there a BridgeScore movement for an eight-player individual tournament?  (Read 1151 times)


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For entertainment purposes, it would be nice to have a movement for eight people over seven three-board rounds, in which everyone partners everyone else.

Does such a movement exist in BridgeScore?


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BridgeScore does not support "Individual" movements. You could use a different scoring program with BridgePal, e.g. EBUScore Individual or Jeff Smith's EBU Individual. The latest versions of both these programs support BridgePal as a "table top unit".

Note that although BridgePal can be used to input scores for Individual movements it will not show the correct move instructions for the South and West players, only for North and East. Therefore, it's best to turn off display of move instructions (can be done via the BridgePal Server settings screen). Also, it would be best to turn off display of percentages and ranking on BridgePal as these will also be incorrect for Individual movements. The correct results will of course be calculated and displayed by the scoring program.

It's possible we may implement full support of Individual movements on BridgePal in a future release.
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