Author Topic: Should North wait until the end of the hand before entering the Opening Lead?  (Read 302 times)


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There is some debate at the moment about whether declarer-dummy are permitted to have an agreement that dummy will always put the suit led on the right-hand side (or wherever), if it isn't trumps.  It would seem to be that declarer is not permitted this aide-memoire. So it would seem wrong for North (if he is the scorer) to have knowledge of the card led throughout the play if he records the opening lead on BridgePal right away.

How do other clubs tackle this nuance?

Reg Hull

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The laws state that in a suit contract Trumps are always on Dummy's right. The remaining suits can be put in any order. In NT you can put in any order.

North can record the lead on his convention card. There is no difference to entering it on BridgePal and glancing at his convention card or BridgePal.


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Here in Penang we had a similar debate after a visiting pair from the UK tried telling us that dummy SHOULD place the led suit on the left hand side as viewed by dummy. This was quickly dispelled, Reg is correct apart from the trump suit, the other suits can be placed in any order.

As for the led card, we have our scoring units set up so that the screen blanks out after 10 seconds. If it is a concern to you, you could do the same.