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BridgeScore Release 4.0.7
« on: May 05, 2019, 21:25:21 »
There is a new release of BridgeScore, v4.0.7, available for download from BridgeScore website. You can install the new release via the Upgrade menu on the front screen of BridgeScore or from the Download Software page on the website.

Items included in this release:
  • If using Rover, check Rover Path is defined when Save movement clicked.
  • Handicapped % has been added  to the file "rank... .txt" when  Make Data File on the Results Page is clicked.
  • Bridgewebs Ranking for teams has been corrected when there is an adjustment.
  • When 'first round not played' is used, player names were not always displayed correctly. This has now been rectified.
  • Typo  corrected in the movement description for the movement "4 tables 24 boards 8 rounds Howell 040824EHS". "EW from Table 2 go to Table 2 EW" should read "EW from Table 2 go to Table 1 EW."

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