Author Topic: 'Locking Down' Tablets  (Read 27 times)


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'Locking Down' Tablets
« on: May 14, 2019, 17:44:41 »
We are running a number of Acer Iconia and Leveno 7inch tablets with a range of Android releases (4 - 7) that on the whole work very well with Bridgepal and Caffeine. One minor problem we are experiencing is that the status/notification bar, when inadvertently swiped, allows access to a number of settings (e.g. wifi on/off). We are finding that players are accidentally altering these settings as they try to get back to Bridgepal.

I have looked for a solution without success - it is possible ( in later versions of Android) to 'tune' the items that can be altered in this way, but I cannot find a way to 'lock' the status bar. I have tried a lockdown option intended for parental control on the Acers but this does not lock the status bar.  I have also tried using Nova and Evie launchers but no joy.

I am posting this message In the hope that there is a simple solution that I have missed.