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BridgePal Server Release 2.2.1
« on: June 05, 2019, 13:50:52 »
There is a new release of BridgePal Server available. This is release version 2.2.1. There is no need to install this release unless BridgePal is being used with the Scorebridge scoring program. It fixes an issue whereby a Passed Out board was being displayed on Scorebridge travellers as arrow-switched, with NS and EW pair numbers swapped.

You can download and install v2.2.1 of BridgePal Server from the downloads section of the BridgePal website.

Note that the current latest version of Scorebridge (R10.19.04) allows BridgePal to be specified as the "Wireless Scoring Type" in "Event Profile Preferences". However, if this option is selected the "Restart" menu function in Scorebridge does not work. Scorebridge have promised to fix this issue, but in the meantime it is recommended to carry on setting the wireless scoring type to Bridgemate but with the path changed to point to C:/BridgePal/BridgePal.exe