Author Topic: Names not displayed in uploaded results in Bridgewebs  (Read 407 times)


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Names not displayed in uploaded results in Bridgewebs
« on: November 17, 2019, 01:57:57 »
Good morning,

Yesterday we successfully conducted our monthly tournament using Bridgepal with ACBL Score (7 table - 22 board Howell). As  quite a few players were new, we uploaded  player details into ACBL Score database from a .csv file before start of the wireless scoring.

The  Bridgepal terminals worked flawlessly with names displayed throughout the session and the end of  the session all names with percentages were correctly displayed in the results screen of each of  the terminals. 

However, we find the  the player  names are not listed either in the the results screen of  ACBL or in the file uploaded  to our Bridgewebs site. Only the pair numbers and percentages are shown.

Earlier whenever we entered the names manually into ACBL, we observed that there was no name displayed in Bridgepal terminals, but they would however be  displayed and listed in the result reports of  ACBL and when uploaded to Bridgewebs.

Not sure if this a Bridgepal or ACBL issue. Would welcome any help.


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Re: Names not displayed in uploaded results in Bridgewebs
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 09:24:58 »
It sounds as though you have not imported the player IDs entered via BridgePal from the wireless database into ACBLScore. Unlike most scoring programs, ACBL does not do this automatically. If you type ALT-L in ACBLScore to bring up the command list, the relevant command is BMN. However, this command is not visible in the command list unless you tick "Allow Entry Of Player Numbers At Remote" in the ACBLScore options (BMO command), so you may need to do this.

Normally, you would use BMN after the first round to import player ids, but it's a good idea to also do it at the end of the session in case any changes have been made via BridgePal after the first round (Player IDs can be entered or changed on BridgePal at the start of any round).

Even though the event has now finished it's not too late to import the data from the wireless database. Start ACBLScore, and click on "Game" in the menu. By default it will show you the Event File Name of the last session. Click on "OK". Then type Alt-L and from the command list use BMO to set the option described above (if necessary), and then BMN to import the player IDs from the wireless database for the event. After that, re-upload the event to Bridgewebs.
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