Author Topic: Wrong table number and player's names  (Read 312 times)


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Wrong table number and player's names
« on: January 31, 2020, 14:20:16 »
Last Tuesday on the third round of a 6 table Howell M43 movement, table 1 started showing the wrong names and was asking which board was going to be played ( 1,2 or 3 which were totally incorrect). We tried to reset the tablet using the director function and also changing the tablet to no avail. The players played the boards and kept a note of their scores. When they were ready to move, the tablet came back to live with the correct boards, so the scores where put in, and we continued the evening. It was noted that 1 pair of player's names were duplicated on the final report page. This was corrected in EBU Score and the results were then posted on our website.
We are at a loss to know what happened and we did have the right movement selected.
Any ideas ????


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Re: Wrong table number and player's names
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2020, 15:44:38 »
Sounds odd. Could you email us the .bws database file for the session, from (C:/EBUScore/Pairs/Databases folder) and also the EBUScore Pairs event file. You can export the latter from EBUPairs by clicking on Import/Export Event on the main screen, then click on Export Event Data.

Could you also send the files C:/nginx/logs/access.log and C:/nginx/logs/access.log.old

Is it possible that someone did a "Reset Table" at table 1 at the start of the 3rd Round ? That would be consistent with the wrong names being displayed and boards 1,2,3 being shown. However it doesn't explain how the device moved to Round 4. Did the players input scores for boards 1,2,3, even though they had played different boards ?