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Results missing when using EBUScore
« on: March 13, 2020, 09:50:34 »
From recent emails::

User question:
We had an 8 1/2 tables, played a Mitchell, forgot to input arrow switch so one of our members who uses EBU Score updated the movement. All ok on the tablets and final result shown ok but there was nothing in EBU Score, just names. How can we recover the scores from the Tablets ?
It was EBU Stratified pairs so if we can?t recover the scores there will be a lot of annoyed and disappointed members .

John answer:
I don't think anything will have been lost. Whoever made the changes in EBU Score probably forgot to return to the scoring screen in EBU Score. EBU Score only reads results from the wireless database (which is on the PC) while it is in the BridgePal scoring screen. You just need to restart the event in EBU Score and it will read the results from the wireless database. If it doesn't, then use the "Read All Results" function. You don't need to have the tablets connected in order to do this, as no data is stored in the tablets.
If you need further guidance, let me know.

Brilliant, many thanks, something else I?ve learnt !

John answer:
Great ! By the way, I would try to avoid making changes to the movement once BridgePal Server has been started - we wouldn't recommend it as the server may not cope with all types of change that are possible, particularly adding or deleting tables. It would also be problematic if some of the boards have already been played and the change in movement affects where they are placed. Assuming any setup errors are detected early on, it's best to stop wireless scoring, define a new event, then start wireless scoring and have people re-enter results for any boards played so far (hopefully, only one or two). After you start the new event on the PC, BridgePal will automatically switch to it when the user taps OK on the current screen - they will find themselves back on the start screen again.

If you think a pair may turn up late you can include an extra pair when you set up the movement. If they don't turn up, just enter "No Play" on the BridgePal for the boards at the tables where they would have played.
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