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The following problem may affect some clubs affiliated to EBU.

Some users using Windows XP or Windows 7 have reported that they get "Run-time error 2147012739(80072fg7d An error occurred in the secure channel support" when they Click on 'Synch members' or 'EBU Admin/P2P Upload' or 'Get EBU Number' or 'Guest checkbox'.

The new EBU API (which is used by 'Sync Mem List' etc) uses the https protocol rather than http. Https is a secure protocol which encrypts the data for transmission between computers using one of a number of available encryption protocols. The particular encryption protocol used on an https connection is chosen by negotiation between the PC and the server. However, some of the earlier encryption protocols are now regarded as insufficiently secure and therefore not offered by the server. It appears that the EBU Server only supports an encryption protocol called TLS 1.2.

Windows XP does not support TLS 1.2 at all, and Windows 7 did not support it out of the box but can be updated to support it. You may be able to resolve the problem for the Windows 7 machine by following the instructions at this link -

Note that your PC must be running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 in order to apply this update. You should should be able to check this via a right click on "My Computer" which will show you the details of the Windows version installed. If Service Pack 1 is installed it should say so underneath where it says that the operating system is Windows 7.

The Windows XP machine will never be able to support the new EBU API. 

To  work around this  problem, avoid using the scoring laptop for accessing EBU database altogether. Instead you can export the scored event to another, more modern, say Windows 10, computer and import an event into BridgeScore there, then access EBU from there.
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