************ONLINE BRIDGE************

If you play bridge in BBO tournaments, you can extract the results from BBO and upload them to your website or NBO, with full scorecard and traveller details, and hand records, using our new BBO Extractor software. See here


  • BridgeScore is a free bridge scoring program, handling Duplicate Pairs and Multiple Teams.

  • It supports master point calculation for all UK NBOs as well as Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. It could be suitable for unaffiliated clubs in other countries.

  • BridgeScore and our own BridgePal (android phone/tablet based) wireless scoring system were originally developed for use at Chislehurst Bridge Club in Kent, and have been in use there for a number of years. BridgeScore is now being used at a number of other clubs, many of which use BridgePal wireless scoring.

  • The software has a reputation amongst its users for being easy to use, with an intuitive user interface.

  • It is written for Windows (all versions) with extensive built in help.

  • Wireless scoring using BridgePals is supported for Pairs and Teams of 4.

  • There are absolutely no purchase costs, licence fees, or usage fees for using BridgeScore or BridgePals.

  • Many movements are supplied, from EBU Mannings manual and more. A Movement Editor can be used for any additional movements.

  • Bridgescore supports results upload to Bridgewebs, a web service for bridge clubs.

  • It can also create Web Pages for all Results - can include the hand diagram on each traveller as well as a 'Play it Again' feature - for upload to your own website.

  • Bridgescore uses EBU API to access EBU database.

  • It fully supports the EBU's Universal Membership Subscription (UMS, formerly P2P) interface, as well as Welsh Bridge Union (WBU) and Scottish Bridge Union (SBU) interface. It can upload results to New Zealand NBO.