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Bridge Solver
Users of Bridge Solver Online

BSOL was initially integrated into BridgeWebs, which hosts websites for more than 1700 bridge clubs worldwide. It was introduced in BridgeWebs release 2.19i, which was released in May 2015. On BridgeWebs, Bridge Solver Online (BSOL) is invoked by clicking on a button underneath the hand diagram on a BridgeWebs results page.

For an example, see the Bridge Solver Online demo site at http://www.bridgewebs.com/bridgesolver . Click on the Results menu, select an event from the calendar, and click on a pair of names in the ranking list. Underneath the hand diagram on the right above the traveller is a "Play it Again" button. Click on this and then click on the "BS Online" button in the popup window. Full detail on using BSOL to "play" a hand in double dummy mode is available in this PDF user guide, which has been written by Rees Mitchell for the website users at Vanderbilt Bridge Club, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Currently, the third party websites listed below access BSOL on BridgeWebs. For example, the English Bridge Union (EBU) integrated BSOL access into their simultaneous pairs results pages in less than a day (e.g. see this page and look for the link labelled "View DD Analysis and Replay Hand" below the commentary and just above the frequency table).

- English Bridge Union (EBU) for Sim Pairs

- The US based website bridgeresults.net which hosts results for a substantial number of clubs and regional events

- The New Zealand based website bridgenz.co.nz which hosts results for around 60 clubs

- The Welsh Bridge Union has started integrating BSOL into the results section of club websites, currently Knighton, Rhayader, and Llandrindod Wells clubs.

- The Bridge Quiz website, run by Cardiff Bridge Tutors, which uses BSOL to provide a "play" facility for example hands as a learning tool.

- ACBL Unit 132 in the US

- The Belgian website Bridge à L'Académie

- Bridge Center of Buffalo in the US

- Leiderdorp bridge Club in the Netherlands

- Rochester Duplicate Bridge Club in the US, uses BSOL for Swiss Teams events

- Eastern Contract Bridge Center, in Australia

- Brno bridge club, in the Czech Republic

- Heraklion Bridge Club, in Crete, Greece

- Pula Bridge Club, in Croatia

- Hart House Bridge Club, in Canada