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Bridge Solver
Bridge Solver Chrome Extension on PC, Mac, Chromebook

Bridge Solver Chrome extension was originally supported only on the Chrome browser. However, it is now available on a number of other browsers that are built on the same code base (Chromium). As well as the google Chrome browser on the PC and Mac, this list includes Edge, Opera, Brave, and Yandex on the PC, and Yandex on Android. Download and install google chrome from the google website if necessary. In the chrome browser visit this page in the chrome web store and click on the "Add To Chrome" button

The chrome browser extension has similar functionality to the android app, except that it is not possible to calculate makeable contracts for all boards in a file with a single operation (it is, however, possible to do the same by stepping through the file, one board at a time, clicking the "Analyse" button for each board).

This extension works through Bridge Solver Online and therefore relies on an active internet connection.

Once the extension has been installed, to acquire hands from a supported type of bridge results page page simply navigate to the results page in the chrome browser. When this extension has detected a page containing one or more bridge hands, the bridge solver icon at the right hand side of the address bar changes to a green background. Clicking on the icon will then launch Bridge Solver Online in a new browser tab and upload the hand(s) to it. If no bridge hands are detected on the results page the icon shows a white background. Clicking on the icon in this case brings up a web page inviting the user to input a hand or browse to a PBN, DLM, or bridge base online LIN file stored on their computer.

The chrome extension requires permission to be granted in order to access bridge results sites. The original version used "static" permissions, i.e. the permissions were granted at installation time. Version 1.22 onwards will use dynamic permissioning for results sites not included in the original set. For example, access to the RealBridge websites must be granted by the user at runtime. If the extension does not have permission to access the website in the browser window, the extension's icon (a spade symbol) will be greyed out. Clicking on the icon brings up a dialog box requesting the user to grant permission to access the site. Clicking on "Allow" will grant permission and the icon spade symbol turns from grey to black. Also, if there is a recognised hand diagram format in the window the background of the icon turns green.